3M™ P1709 LED Polarizing Task Light (White)

The P1709 has 7 LED brightness adjustment levels where you can tap on the BRIGHT button to choose your preferred brightness to suit your activity. Now you can protect your eyes while using the smartphone stand to hold your mobile in place and charging it with the in built USB port (5V)! WIth the flexible angle adjustment, you can adjust to a suitable angle for your visual comfort to complete your tasks without eye strain.

* Delivery to your doorstep (approx 3 - 7 working days)
* Self-Collection at selected service centre (approx 3 - 5 working days)

Part No.: T3MPTL-1709W Installation: N/A
Colour: N/A Size: N/A
Price: S$ 329.00 Quantity:
Part No.: T3MPTL-1709W
Colour: N/A
Price: S$ 329.00
Installation: N/A
Size: N/A

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