3M™ Cleaning Kit Bundle

The 3M Cleaning Kit Bundle consist of the below:

T3MPND-39000 W
T3MPND-39042 LT
T3MPND-39034 LT
T3MPND-39040 LT

* Delivery to your doorstep (approx 3 - 7 working days)
* Self-Collection at selected service centre (approx 3 - 5 working days)

Part No.: T3MPND-39042 LT Installation: N/A
Colour: N/A Size: N/A
Price: S$ 59.90 S$ 45.90 Quantity:
Part No.: T3MPND-39042 LT
Colour: N/A
Price: S$ 59.90 S$ 45.90
Installation: N/A
Size: N/A

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